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Smoking, Cannabis & Alcohol
In accordance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act, smoking (including e-cigarettes, vaporizers and cannabis) is strictly prohibited in the Hospice including patios,doorways and the courtyard.
If residents or visitors wish to smoke, there is an outside smoking gazebo located at the west end of the parking lot. Please help keep our Hospice grounds clean and use appropriate receptacles to dispose of cigarette butts, etc. Also please be sure all fire is carefully extinguished.
Volunteers and clinical staff may assist a resident who is deemed cognitively aware and physically capable of smoking independently into a wheelchair. Volunteers and clinical staff are not responsible for transferring the resident in and out of the building to the designated smoking area.
Residents who are bed bound and want to smoke must be accompanied by a visitor who will supervise the resident during the entire time that they are smoking in the designated smoking area.
All smoking materials must be kept in the nursing station. Family may bring smoking materials with them into the facility, so long as smoking materials are not left in the room when family leaves.
Residents are permitted to use cannabis for medical purposes on the hospice property with an order from a physician.
Visitors are not permitted to use recreational cannabis (live leaf, dried products, concentrates or consumables) on Chatham-Kent Hospice property.
Alcohol may be consumed by visitors in moderation, in resident rooms only. Please inform the staff if you have alcoholic beverages in a resident room and ensure that you remove all empty containers. Staff reserve the right to revoke this privilege if it is abused or used inappropriately. Chatham-Kent Hospice is not responsible for any consequences of the overuse or misuse of alcohol by visitors.
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