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• Documentation regarding possible infections (MRSA,VRE, C Difficile as applicable).
• No indication of client Clostridium Difficile - unable to admit if known or expected C Diff
• Agreeable to Palliative Care Consultative Team (PCCT) assessment (community patients only)
• Discussion has taken place regarding treatment variables (chemotherapy, radiation)
• Goals of care consistent with End of Life
Further Information regarding admission process
1. The ESC LHIN is to be contacted in order to initiate the eligibility process and related forms.
2. If a patient is in hospital (CKHA) an order for Palliative/Supportive Care Referral may be initiated. Palliative Care staff will work with the hospital or community ESC LHIN Care Coordinator to complete the assessment and application to hospice. Chatham-Kent Hospice will work closely with the PCCTTeam and LHIN Care Coordinators in hospital and community to develop a wait list through direct communication.
3. Providers outside of Chatham-Kent will contact their local LHIN for assessment or connection to an ESC LHIN Care Coordinator, or contact Chatham-Kent Hospice directly for information or questions.
4. Chatham-Kent Hospice may admit on weekends and holidays depending on bed availability and circumstances.The ESC LHIN Care Coordinator (In Office Care Coordinator) can assist with the process on weekends. Although the LHIN determines eligibility, the Chatham-Kent Hospice Clinical Resource Nurse or Care Manager will be the person who actually determines admission and collaborates with the LHIN Care Coordinator for bed offers and finalizing admission arrangements.
Chatham-Kent Hospice Core Physician Team:
Dr. Samantha Chandrasena (lead physician), Dr. Thomas Burgess, Dr. David Huffman, Dr. Donna Watterud, Dr. Jim Wheeler, Dr. Kate Bailey and Dr. Kamran Karatela.
Dr. Ian Johnston is the Paediatric Resource Physician for Chatham-Kent Hospice
The Chatham-Kent Hospice Core Physician Team will be available for admissions and coverage. If physicians from the community wish to assume care for their patients at hospice, they may do so under the terms of the Chatham-Kent Hospice Primary Care Physician Agreement, or may opt to share care or transfer care to the Hospice Core PhysicianTeam.
Contact information:
Jennifer Johnson, Clinical Resource Nurse - 519-354-3113 ext. 2103
Maureen Eyres, Care Manager - 519-354-3113 ext. 1202
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