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How Your Donations Are Used
  Compassionate Care
Resident care is our top priority.Your donation will help cover the cost of things like personal care products, medical equipment and supplies.
Ongoing education and awareness will ensure the sustainability of our residential hospice.Your donation will support ongoing staff & volunteer
education and training, community education and efficient donation management.
Education and Awareness
and Comfortable
Business as usual
  Home-like hospitality
Keeping House
 Your donation will
help keep our residents
and their families comfortable and connected by covering the cost of utilities such as natural gas, electricity, water, cable, telephone and internet.
Making our residents and their families feel at home is a top priority.Your donation will help pay for groceries as well as kitchen equipment and supplies.
Although we want our hospice to feel like home to our residents, we must operate as a business.Your donation will cover costs associated
with running a business such as accounting, human resources, purchasing, office equipment and supplies and insurance.
Like your home, we want to keep a safe and tidy home.Your donation will help us do that by covering costs for laundry & housekeeping, ongoing
maintenance, safety and security.
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