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Your Suite
Our resident suites are designed with you in mind. Although it must meet your clinical needs each room has a home-like feel.Wide doorways throughout the first floor allow residents to move through the building and into the courtyard in their beds, if necessary.
Each suite contains:
• Private washroom - with personal storage (family members are welcome to use this washroom).
• High-definition SMART television - with a wide variety of programming.
• Fireplace - with remote control.
• Sleeping area - the custom sofa and recliner chair can also serve as sleeping spaces for loved ones.
• Custom cabinetry - with built-in fridge, wardrobe and personal storage.
• Customized lighting - lights are located at the head of the bed so residents
can independently control their preferred level of light.
• In-suite climate control - allows those in the room to choose their preferred temperature.
• State-of-the-art medical beds - with custom adjustable air mattresses residents can set for their own comfort.
• Concealed overhead lift system - keeps the room looking home-like but is available for staff to safely transfer residents in and out of bed as needed.
• Call bell system - a light-weight call bell resembling a wrist watch or pendant necklace. Pressing the rubber button on the wrist band or pendant will alert the staff that assistance is required.This system is wireless allowing the resident to move freely throughout the building.A wireless nurse call system provides the security of knowing help is close by.
• Telephone - Long-distance calls within Canada are permitted anytime. Long distance calls outside Canada may be made with the assistance of a Hospice staff member.
Residents and families are welcome to bring in personal items such as pictures and mementos. Please do not put nails in the walls to hang items or bring in furniture as this may inhibit our ability to provide care.
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