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Certified Nursing Aides (CNA) - Hospice CNA services are provided under the supervision of a Registered Nurse to patients and will help with your personal care such as bathing, hair care, shaving, skin care, linen changes, catheter care, or straightening out your immediate surroundings.
Dietary Counselor - Dietary counseling may be provided by a dietician, nurse or other qualified staff member to address and assure your dietary needs are met.
Volunteers - Carefully selected and well-trained volunteers are a vital part of your Hospice Savannah team if you choose to request them. These special people are good listeners, nonjudgmental, and adaptable and can provide companionship inside and outside your home, respite for your caregivers, grocery shopping assistance, pet visits, music, hair styling, photography sessions, etc.
Plan of Care
An individualized plan of care will be developed with you and your family based on admission information; problems, needs and goals identified by assessment; physician orders for medications, treatments and care; your environment and personal wishes whenever possible. The plan includes five basic areas: Physical Care, Personal Care, Psychosocial Needs, Spiritual Needs, and Bereavement Care. Your plan of care is reviewed and updated as needed, based on your changing needs, and a copy will be maintained in your home. We request you seek pre-approval from Hospice Savannah for all treatments and services not included in the plan of care.
In most cases, Hospice Savannah, Inc. pays for medications related to your hospice diagnosis. These medications must be ordered through your nurse and obtained through our contracted pharmacy in order to be covered. These medicines typically will be delivered directly to your home by FedEx or UPS. Your nurse will explain which medications are covered and which medications are not covered.
Supplies and Medical Equipment
We will arrange a convenient delivery of durable medical equipment needed for your comfort and ease of care, such as a hospital bed, oxygen, wheelchair, etc. The equipment must be ordered by us and is obtained from our contracted medical equipment supplier in order for us to cover the cost. We also provide disposable medical supplies, such as adult diapers, disposable underpads, foley catheters, etc. If you prefer specific brands, these can be purchased by the family.
We are available 24 hours a day by calling (912) 355-2289. Your call will be directed to a nurse who will answer your questions or address your concerns. Often situations are addressed over the phone, but if a visit is necessary, an on-call staff member will notify you with an estimated time of arrival.
Ambulance calls, emergency room visits, and hospital admissions must be arranged and approved by Hospice Savannah in order for these services to be made a part of the plan of care and to be paid. Without prior approval the patient and family may be billed for these services.
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