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 StoryKeeping, Massage & Music Therapy/ Honoring Veterans/Pet Peace of Mind©
Complementary Therapies - You may enjoy a visit from our Certified Massage Therapist or our Board Certified Music Therapist. Both music and massage therapy can facilitate relaxation, reduction of some clinical issues such as pain or anxiety, and can improve your mood and allow for self-expression. We also offer StoryKeeper and Memory Keeper volunteers to help you document and recount your life story. Complementary therapies can be provided in your home or in Hospice House.
We Honor Veterans - We are proud to be part of the National Hospice and Palliative Care’s “We Honor Veterans” program and educate our staff and volunteers on veterans’ unique end-of-life needs. We strive to recognize each veteran enrolled in our care by showing appreciation for their service to our country. We are often joined on these special visits by active duty personnel from the various branches of the armed services. We also try to assign volunteers who are veterans to patients who are veterans and, as always, our StoryKeeper is available to gather the veteran’s life story.
Pet Peace of Mind© - Pet Peace of Mind© helps Hospice Savannah families stay together. We believe that it’s not just the patient who needs compassionate care, but each member of the family.
Through gifts made to our Hospice Savannah Foundation, we can extend that compassion to animals so we can keep you and your beloved pets together during your time under our care. We know that the unconditional love and acceptance provided by pets is priceless medicine!
Our specially trained volunteers can provide pet food and cat litter; pet walking; routine veterinary care and transportation; grooming and transportation; transportation to nursing facilities to visit owners; foster care; and assistance with finding a “forever home” if the family cannot keep the pet after your death.
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