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 The Butterfly Team
 The Butterfly team cherishes our youngest patients and surrounds them with expert medical care and nurturing support. Sometimes newborns and children who are being treated for serious conditions such as congenital abnormalities, cancer or neurological disease benefit from receiving an extra blanket of support and services.
Pediatric patients can continue with curative treatments, including surgeries, while they and their families receive extra care from our Board-certified Hospice and Palliative Care physician, specially trained nurse, social worker, chaplain, nursing assistant and volunteers who work in tandem with the child’s hospital and primary physician.
Care can begin as soon as a diagnosis is made to help with such symptoms as constipation, difficulty sleeping, and loss of appetite, fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, or nausea and vomiting. Butterfly team members help parents navigate complex medical terminology, explain procedures in simpler terms, and help them decide what steps to take next.
Emotions can run high when there is a seriously ill child. Guilt, anxiety, depression and anger are often present – not to mention the stress brought on from an avalanche of medical bills and insurance claims. We will provide skilled counseling, help identify community resources and offer practical guidance while our Butterfly Team chaplain can provide encouragement, prayer and hope.
Remember, this additional care is paid for through grants and by most insurance plans including Medicaid, while treatment and cures are still being sought.
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