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                              Julia H. Sullivan, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Do I really need a will or a trust?...
Does the idea of an estate or legacy apply to me?... Great questions!
At Stone & Sullivan, LLC, we believe that everyone needs to Protect Loved ones & Assets Now
- what we call a P.L.A.N.TM
If you have not written down what you want to see happen to you, your kids, your pets, your money or your things, then you are leaving those decisions to others, including state law. You need a P.L.A.N.TM
A P.L.A.N.TM allows you to decide what is best for you and for those you leave behind, and to make sure that your decisions are clearly communicated and honored. It provides purpose, direction, and control.
Your P.L.A.N.TM is more than a collection of documents. It permits you to make decisions and provide instructions for your care during disability or incapacity, minimizes family conflict, preserves a smooth succession of key decision- makers, avoids guardianship or conservatorship, efficiently handles after-death administration of assets, and protects beneficiaries. Make sure that you have a P.L.A.N.TM today!
Stone & Sullivan, LLC also assists with probate matters in Chatham County, and surrounding counties.
Stone & Sullivan, LLC provides the following services:
→ Last Will and Testament
→ Trusts (Various)
→ Power of Attorney
→ Advanced Health Care Directive → HIPAA Release
→ Family Limited Partnership formation
→ Limited Liability Company formation
→ Estate Administration (Probate) → Guardianship/Conservatorship
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