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  McLAREN 570S GT4
The 570S GT4 is a full competition specification GT4 car that’s ready to race straight from the factory.
At the core, an immensely strong, featherlight carbon fiber chassis – the MonoCell II. Power comes from a specially developed 3.8 liter twin- turbocharged McLaren V8, linked to the race-ready 7-speed transmission. This is safety and exhilaration seamlessly combined. If out-and-out, on-track performance is more your thing, opt for our Sprint upgrade pack. Freed from race-regulations this pack makes your 570S GT4 an unrestricted track machine.
Push your driving to the limits in the Pure McLaren GT Series. Created specifically for the 570S GT4, this all new, one-make customer racing series offers wheel to wheel racing for new drivers and seasoned campaigners alike.

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