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Frequently Asked Questions
How Do Your Costs Compare to Area Funeral Homes?
Our prices are very affordable both on the service end and merchandise end. You will likely find us much more affordable than other local funeral providers. We also stand by our lowest price guarantee to provide the exact same services and merchandise offered by our local competitors for $100 less, while still maintaining the highest level of service. Call us to ask for details (937)492-5101
What Do We Do When A Death Occurs?
If the death occurs in a facility, let the staff know you would like to use Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home and they will contact us.
If the death occurs at home under hospice care, call the hospice nurse and they will notify us to coordinate our arrival.
If the death occurs at home and hospice is not involved, you will need to call 911. Let the medics or law enforcement know that you plan to use Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home and they will take care of notifying us. No matter what the time of day or night, we will come as soon as we get the notification.
If we do not desire to come to the funeral home, will you come and meet with us at our home?
Absolutely. We will be happy to come to you. Just let our staff know if you desire this service.
Where Are Necessary Preparations Made and Where Does the Deceased Stay Between The Time of Death and the Service?
All preparation is done on-site at our funeral home.
When You Come To Make Arrangements, What Do We Need to Have from You?
• Deceased’s Clothing (including undergarments)
• Social Security Number • Obituary information
• Photo for Obituary
• Military Discharge Information - DD214 (if Veteran and you would like a flag, marker, military honors, etc.)
• Form of Payment (Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Life Insurance)
I Have Made Pre-Arrangements at Another Establishment. Can We Change and Use Cromes- Edwards Funeral Home?
Certainly. We can work with you to transfer any prepaid arrangements you made elsewhere at no charge. If a death is imminent, you do not need to do anything, other than let your family and/or caregivers know your wishes. We can arrange to transfer the pre-paid funds after the death occurs.
I have made no plans. Can I prepay or pre-arrange my own funeral?
Yes. We offer prepaid funeral options and would be glad to discuss those with you. Always feel free to call us at (937)492-5101 or email us at
What options are available to me?
A funeral, memorial service, burial, entombment, cremation, scattering or inurnment are just a few of the options available. You may also wish to consider a donation to medical science. Exploring these options before the need arises lets you decide what is best for you and your family.

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