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Should I plan my own funeral or that of a loved one in advance?
As with many events in our lives, a death involves making important decisions in a very short time period. Without a plan, even the most sincere desire to create a fitting tribute can result in emotional overspending and other regretful decisions. Planning in advance can spare you or your family the difficulty of making these decisions while grieving. It also gives you the opportunity to compare prices and options, make your special wishes known in writing, and remove the financial burden on your loved ones by locking in today’s costs.
If I decide to make pre-need funeral arrangements how do I select a reputable service provider?
All funeral establishments in Ohio are regulated by the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. The Board can check the status of a licensee and notify you of any open investigations or complaints against a firm. Additionally, you may wish to consult friends, relatives, your minister, church family, or any person you normally seek council from, to see what their experience has been with the local funeral providers.
Once I’ve decided which funeral arrangements are right for me and my family, what should I do next?
Memorialize these choices in a written pre-need plan. Most funeral establishments and cemeteries offer pre-arrangement guides you can complete and keep with your other important records to share with your family. You may also wish to place this information in a will.
Should I consider paying for my pre-need choices before they are needed?
Making provisions to pay for the costs of pre- need funeral choices accomplishes several things. Prepaying removes the burden of the costs of your final expenses from your survivors, ensures your wishes can and will be carried out, and keeps you in control of the costs involved.
Are there different ways to prepay pre-need expenses?
Yes. There are several commonly used methods: life insurance; funeral insurance; funeral trusts; bank held trusts and others. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home locks in the costs of the funeral if you choose to prepay.
Where do your cremations take place?
Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home has the area’s only on-site crematory with a knowledgeable staff that is specially trained and certified to handle its operation. Having our own crematory allows us to have the most competitive prices in the area. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one never leaves our care; a comfort offered to the community of Shelby County that only we can provide.
 Shelby County's Only On-site Crematory

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