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placed in a temporary container. The ashes weigh typically between three and six pounds. An urn may be selected for the final disposition of the cremated remains.
Where and when does cremation take place?
Our crematory is located on-site at Cromes- Edwards Funeral Home. Ohio law requires we wait 24 hours before cremation.
Do we need to buy a casket?
Ohio State Law requires that at a minimum, the deceased must be placed into a rigid combustible container. Many options of caskets and containers are available to you, though nothing beyond the rigid container is mandatory for cremation.
Can we place personal mementos in the casket prior to cremation?
Many personal items may be placed in the casket; however, some items may need to be removed prior to the cremation process. All items left in the casket will be destroyed during the cremation. Your funeral director can advise you on what items may stay and what items must be removed from the casket.
Do we need to have a funeral if we select cremation?
Though not required, cremation does not limit the type of funeral service that may be chosen. The same options that apply to earth burial are available with cremation. Some of these choices include: casket type, location of the service and
visitation, music selection and the display of personal mementos. Some families elect to have a traditional service with an open casket at the funeral home or place of worship and burial of ashes at a cemetery. Others may prefer a memorial service and scattering of ashes on the family farm. The options and their combinations are numerous.
Is embalming required?
Embalming is not mandatory; however, some circumstances may require it. If you prefer an open casket with a public visitation prior to the service, embalming would be required. In a private family setting, the deceased can be viewed prior to cremation without embalming.
What is an urn?
An urn is a container designed to hold the cremated remains permanently. It may be constructed from a variety of materials such as wood, bronze, copper, steel, pewter, granite, marble, clay pottery or fine porcelain. We have a large selection of urns available designed to reflect the lifestyle of an individual. Urns may also be personalized by engraving and come in a variety of sizes that allow more than one member of the family to have a portion of the cremated remains.
Is cremation less expensive than burial?
Typically, it is less expensive than earth burial. Depending on which cemetery is selected, the cremation cost may be less expensive than the purchase of a cemetery plot. There are permits that have to be purchased from the board of health to authorize the cremation, an urn to purchase and possible transportation costs of delivering the urn to its final destination.

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