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  What Can We Do With The Cremated Remains?
The cremated remains may be buried in an existing cemetery plot or a new plot may be purchased.
The urn may be placed in a niche in an above ground structure called a columbarium.
Some cemeteries have scattering areas on their property. Please check local laws for scattering.
Many people prefer to have the urn at home with them.
You may wish for the cremated remains to be shipped to another state or country. We can look after these arrangements for you. You may also be permitted to take the cremated remains yourself while traveling. Check with us first and we can assist you to obtain any additional documentation that may be required.
Using Keepsakes to Memorialize Our Loved Ones
There are miniature urns that can be kept when the primary urn is buried or scattered, or various other items that encase cremated remains that can be displayed or worn as jewelry as a way to honor your loved one. Other personalized jewelry items include metallic charms with laser engraved thumb prints. These and many other personalized remembrance pieces are available to provide that special and enduring link to the one we love.

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