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    In January 1969, Norris’ son, Gary, joined the firm full time. In January of the following year (1970), Lloyd’s son, Ralph, joined the family business.
What is now Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home & Crematory Inc. was founded by the late Ralph V. Cromes. He opened the family business in January of 1939 with his partner, Ralph Wiessinger, who would later leave the business. At that time, the funeral home was named Cromes-Wiessinger Funeral Home.
In 1949, Ralph V. Cromes’ sons, Lloyd and Norris, joined him in the family business. The name was then changed to Cromes & Sons Funeral Home.
In 1975, the business went through another name change to Cromes Funeral Home, Inc. when it became incorporated.
Gary and Ralph were the third generation family owners. They operated the business along with three full time staff members, Bill Stamm, Aaron Edwards, and Erik Edwards.

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