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to the second edition of our corporate newsletter!
Lots has happened since the first issue back in late July!
We continue on our mission to provide high-quality brochures and e-guides to clients across the US, Canada and Europe, with increasingly more testimonials arriving from funeral homes, hospice providers and car dealerships delighted with the service provided.
Over the last few weeks I have been working in North Carolina
to assist with the opening of our new US office. We received our final inspection certificate in early September meaning it’s full steam ahead, with US operations continuing to be led by our very own Carol Bellone!
As our brand is growing in America, it seemed an ideal time to secure national coverage promoting the great work we do here at Partner Plus Media. On September 10, an advert of our offer to hospice providers featured in USA TODAY with digital adverts running alongside online, which you can read more about in this issue.
This issue we are turning our focus to the Production Team!
We have six Graphic Designers who design and build our fantastic brochures, and Laura Faiers is one of the more recent additions to the team having started in July 2019.
In her short time here at Partner Plus Media, Laura has already progressed from designing single adverts to creating full brochures, such as the beautifully
crafted Snyder-Rodman Funeral
Home book. The work of our designers is varied, creating artwork for a diverse range of clients and advertisers.
The team manages relationships with our clients, often liaising with each advertiser in the production process to perfect the artwork.
We are also linking up with our clients, advertisers and their communities through the recent launch of our social media channels. Throughout August, we have focused on growing our presence on Instagram where the majority of our car dealerships have large followings. Communications have also been helped through many of you starting to use LinkedIn and Twitter effectively in order to adapt our business to the age of social media.
Over the summer, Darren has been over in Spain networking with directors of luxury car dealerships. I’m delighted to say that his trips have been a success as we
have now secured sites in both
Marbella and Mallorca!
Keep up the great work everyone!
Lynda Gough - General Manager
Over the next few issues we are
The challenging task is gaining approval from all parties within each book, with amendments being received on a frequent basis.
Laura’s love for design stretches outside of work as she has over 20 tattoos, with more scheduled in her diary! There is a story behind each tattoo, but there’s simply not enough space to list them here...
Her favourite aspect of working here is that the designers all help each other and collaborate ideas in order to produce better work, resulting in a positive working environment.
Laura’s life has been enriched since working here, as at the age of 25 she had never tasted salmon! This led Production Manager Maria to cook Laura some for her dinner, which seemed to change Laura’s life for the better.

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