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 Gatherings & Receptions
Experience the Difference
We believe the fellowship of friends and family is key to a healthy grieving process. As we surveyed the community and what is offered for families in mourning, we noticed this key was absent from most funeral homes. In 2017, we renovated and introduced Smith & Turner’s “Gathering Room” to provide a comforting option for families to unite. This room is adjacent to our fireplace Visitation room and provides extra seating for a large group during visitation hours. Coffee, tea, water, and refreshments will be stationed in the room and tables are set to offer a place to enjoy them and each other. This is also a great area for kids to have a place to color or play while families socialize.
Smith & Turner offers a full-catered reception menu featuring six home-made entrées, sides, and desserts for both small or large groups of people. This option is available before or after a service, or at a separate time. The price includes fresh food, utensils and plates, staff to serve, and complete clean-up. Our goal is to provide excellent food and a place for everyone to gather for an effortless and affordable meal instead of the stress and expense of meeting at a restaurant or someone’s house for a meal.
As traditions are slowly starting to change, we understand that many families do not wish for a funeral service in our chapel or other location. We invite you to have a time for family and friends to come together, with a reception or just refreshments, and enjoy a personalized gathering in an informal setting. Both the Visitation room and Gathering Room will be set-up with your loved one’s pictures, memorabilia, and a custom DVD slideshow. It can be a come-and-go, or a certain time set for everyone to gather together. We are willing to work with any preference and any budget as we desire to dignify all lives.
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