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Business Law And Formation
The attorneys of Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC are skilled in assisting clients with the planning, organization, and formation of businesses. Choosing the business entity that best meets your needs can be very complicated.
However, our attorneys can potentially guide you throughout starting from selecting the right business structure for your company until it begins running smoothly within the prevailing legal paradigm.
Our attorneys are equipped with all the desired knowledge and practical information to help the clients choose the most suitable entity for their strategic aspirations. Owing to our in-depth expertise in business laws, we provide all subsequent services to complete the formal documentation substantiating the existence of the company.
We understand that there can be numerous complications to formalize a new business under the latest set of legal instructions and norms. Herein, our lawyers are proficient enough to stay updated to comply with all the corporate bylaws and LLC operating agreements imperative to successfully operate your business.
What We Do
• Determining the Appropriate Business Entity.
• Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or another entity.
• Business Tax Planning, business liability management, and start-up cost.
• Business Sale or Transfer of Ownership.
• Negotiating and Drafting Contracts or Agreements such as articles of incorporations and bylaws (new companies) and articles of organization and operating agreements (new LLCs); Hire an experienced contract lawyer for all agreements.
• Drafting and filing all necessary registration documents in government departments such as business name registration.
• Securing all mandatory permits for new business setups from local, state and federal government.
• Applying for employer identification number (EIN). • And many more.
We understand that planning the future of your business can be an exciting and confusing process. Let our attorneys use their knowledge and experience to handle all of your business planning and formation needs. We will serve all your needs with our constant counsel and advise at each and every step of yours!
Hassle Free Legal Services Just A Call Away
Our goal is to effectively develop and execute an individualized plan for each client to help you get your business off to a great start while keeping a close watch on the legal operations and compliances. Whether you’re operating the company in your name or someone else’s our attorneys will guide you to arrange all documents ranging from business registration to opening bank accounts, applying for bank loans and many other related business-related procedural requirements.
In short, all your immediate requirements would be taken care of under the wide array of services offered under the supervision of a professional small business lawyer in Orange County. You can rest assured that all the legal formalities and permissions would conform to the state or federal authorities as stand applicable within comfortable time and without causing you any botheration.

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