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Each life is valued, yet the life of a child tugs a little extra at our heart strings. No parent is prepared to say goodbye to a child and to make plans for a service while dealing with this heartbreak puts an insurmountable burden upon an already unimaginable circumstance. The staff at Smith & Turner believe we are called to help these special families through this devastating time in order to provide a ray of light and ease their burden. For stillbirths and infant loss through children 12 years of age, Smith & Turner provides completely free services. This includes a burial with a casket included or a cremation with an urn included and a memorial service or gathering. We include special service programs, DVD slideshow, and a balloon release as desired. Throughout the year, we will continue to follow up with the family and provide what support we can.
Widow Care Program
Widows have a special place in our heart as some of our staff has personal experience with the struggles after losing their spouse. Our ladies will put together a special care basket for each widow and personally deliver it to them following their service. The basket will be specialized to their interests, hobbies, or items that they may need. Throughout the first year, the widows will be followed up closely through calls, visits, and cards. Smith & Turner will then invite the widows to attend different community events for a time of fellowship, encouragement, and sometimes just a comedy break. We do not want anyone to feel alone or helpless and believe a close relationship and active support will help these special women with their healing process.
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