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Special Services and Offerings Green Burial
An eco-friendly, environmentally sound, spiritual act of love. A green funeral incorporates environmentally friendly options. Heritage offers several options when considering a green burial. A natural burial can be a much more personal goodbye than we as a society are used to. Families can take part in the process – nothing is considered hands-off or unorthodox including home vigils and viewings. Using earth friendly products like eco-friendly caskets, burial shrouds and biodegradable urns, we can assist you in locating a green burial cemetery in our area or elsewhere. We have coordinated green burials in cemeteries from Byron Center to Waterford, Michigan.
As of the time of this writing, we are the only funeral home in the area certified by the Green Burial Council.
Do I still need a casket?
Caskets are not required. A burial shroud is a common alternative to a casket.
What about embalming?
Embalming is generally prohibited in a green burial cemetery.
What if I already own a grave in a traditional cemetery?
We have worked with several families who already own a grave in a traditional cemetery and have found solutions that allow for a green burial within the restrictions of the local cemetery.
Call us to learn more about Green Burials and Home Funerals.
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