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 Non-Profit Corporations
At The Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC we help nonprofit organizations form, develop and succeed through experienced and thoughtful business law representation. Our team of attorneys brings together experience in a wide range of disciplines including contract law, business formation and real estate law.
Attorney Rob Maitland himself is a local business owner with career history in banking and finance. Michele Lynn English earned her Master of Laws in taxation, and Bradley Hicks earned a Masters in Business Administration prior to becoming an attorney. Together, we collaborate with nonprofit organizations to provide ongoing representation in everyday legal needs as well as unexpected legal challenges and dispute resolution.
Helping Communities And Organizations Thrive In North Carolina
Nonprofit organizations provide a means for our communities to achieve a better quality of life — typically in ways the government and for-profit institutions cannot. While nonprofit corporations have unique legal needs, they still must consider the legal implications of their decisions and manage operations according to complex regulations.
If you are looking to form a non-profit in Chapel Hill or the surrounding areas of North Carolina, make sure to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you achieve your goals. We can help you consider issues unique to nonprofit legal status, such as:
• Bylaw revisions and governance •
• IRS 501c-3 designations •
Employee hiring and firing practices
Employee compensation and classification (i.e., full time, part time, unpaid workers, etc.)
• Board of director and officer duties
We work with organization in a wide range of industries and sectors of the economy, from charitable foundations and educational institutions to programs that support
• Fundraising and the allocation of charitable giving funds the fine arts or political action. Our devotion to the community shows in our desire to help local businesses and nonprofits grow and thrive.

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