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 What To Do When Someone Dies
Once we are notified, we try to arrive within one hour. We will discuss the next steps with you if you are present or will contact you once we return to the funeral home. We may wait until morning if the death occurs at night. Always feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.
• If death occurs at home:
o If under the care of hospice, notify your hospice right away. They will walk you through the necessary steps.
o If not under hospice care, call the local police or 911. The police and ambulance will be dispatched to investigate the death and will authorize you to call the funeral home when they have concluded their investigation. Be aware that this process can take a couple of hours.
• If death occurs at a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital: Simply notify the staff member that you are selecting Heritage Life Story Funeral Home and you can specify our Plainfield location or Lake Michigan Drive location. They will contact us when they are ready.
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