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Things you can prepare in advance and bring to the planning conference:
• Know the following information:
o The fathers first, middle and last name
o The mothers first, middle and maiden name
o Any other names used through life: last names during previous marriages
o Social Security Number o Date of Birth
o City and State of Birth
• Gather some pictures
o One for the obituary notice
o One that illustrates how you would want the hairstyle
o 15-20 of the person from throughout their lifetime. Try to have some representing different stages of life, and the person participating in meaningful activities.
• Select Clothing
o If you are going to have public or even a private viewing or identification period, please bring clothing. Also include undergarments if available, socks, glasses, and jewelry. We will review the jewelry with you so that items are removed prior to the cremation or burial.
• Prepare a list of favorite scripture passages, songs, poems or other items that can be used during the service
• Military Discharge Papers – look for DD214 or equivalent papers, showing periods of service and branch of service.
• Life Insurance Policies – if paying by assignment of life insurance, please bring the policy with you. We will assist you to verify that it is in force and confirm beneficiaries
• A list of relatives – those who are still living, and deceased family members that should be listed in the obituary notice or Life StoryTM.
There will likely be additional items needed, but we will make a list for you at the planning conference.
Planning Conference

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