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 Helpful Considerations
• Accept the help of friends and family who offer their support.
• Notify family, friends, business colleagues, and club/organization acquaintances by phone. You may consider making a few phone calls to relatives or friends and ask each of them to make a phone call or two to other particular people or groups of people.
• Allow friends to take turns answering the door or phone for you.
• Try to keep a record of visitors, food and flower deliveries to make it easier to thank people in the days ahead.
• Delegate things that need to be done – accept offers of help.
• If possible make sure you have enough food on hand for yourself and guests for several days.
• Allow others to provide meals for you.
• Allow friends and family to help you with household cleaning, meal preparation etc.
• Arrange for child care if necessary.
• Ask a trusted acquaintance to stay at the house during the visitation or funeral service if there is a concern for the security of the home.
• Consider donating flowers from the service to a hospital or rest home.
• Share your feelings and memories with family and friends.
• Include children in the sharing of memories when appropriate.
• Be patient and take things slowly.
• Allow extra time to get ready when leaving the house – it is not uncommon to be absent minded or forgetful. It may take longer to make the easiest of decisions, like what to wear...
• Try to eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water.
• Take time for yourself!

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