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Immediate Concerns
£ Develop a plan to settle the estate, transfer assets to a new owner or contact attorney
£Veterans Benefit Claims
£Social Security (funeral home notifies Social Security. You can contact them to be certain you are receiving all eligible benefits)
£ Review your health, dental and vision insurance
£ Change beneficiaries on life insurance policies if
£Review your own will and update if necessary
£ Seek a competent financial advisor if you do not already have one
£ Notify employer and check for pension, retirement plans, employer insurance or death benefits. Ask if there are company owned items that need to be returned such as keys, computer, car, etc.
£Prepare and send thank you acknowledgements
Financial concerns: The name of the deceased should be removed or cancelled from:
£Certificates of Deposits
£ Credit Cards – Cancel or reissue if the account is held jointly, change billing address if necessary, check to see if the deceased had credit card death coverage
£ Confirm Checking and Savings Account status
£Stocks and Bonds
£Retirement Funding and Accounts including IRA, 401K, Pensions
£Safety Deposit Boxes
£Loans including mortgages, auto, student, lines
of credit.
£ATM/ Debit Card Services
£Discard any unused boxes of checks (unless your name is on the account)
Home and Auto
£Update house or Condo Deed
£Update homeowners and auto insurance
£Update titles to vehicles – Contact Secretary of State
£ Notify utility companies and transfer the account to another name, change billing address or cancel service
o Telephone
o Gas
o Electric
o Water/ Sewer
o Cable Television
o Cell phone company
£ Stop or Redirect Mail: An appointed executor or estate administrator can file a request at the Post Office to redirect mail and remove the person from advertiser’s mailing lists.
Next Steps

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