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 Memberships, Subscriptions and Personal Services
Below is a reminder list of places you likely want to notify that a death has occurred. You may need to cancel appointments, pick up merchandise, collect refunds etc.
• Fraternal Orders, clubs, associations, unions and organizations
• Doctor offices – Health, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic
• Travel plans
• Security System
• Lawn Care/ Pool Maintenance
• Pest Control
• Hair Salon/ Manicurist/ Barber
• Health Club/ Spa • Seamstress/ Tailor • Dry Cleaner
• Housecleaning
• Magazine and Periodical Companies • Alumni Organizations
• Community Service Organizations,
• Church or house of worship
Some of these may print a brief memoriam in the member newsletter. You may also want to inquire as to the status of gifts and pledges, requesting a tax letter detailing the deceased donations since the beginning of the year for tax purposes

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