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What to do with Clothing
Goodwill, The Salvation Army and many other organizations gladly take used clothing for their resales shops. Check with private schools as many have donation centers that assist with donation.
“You will know when it is the right time to begin going through your loved one’s personal belongings and dispersing items”
Certified Death Certificates
It is a lengthy process to obtain, file and certify a death certificate. It is imperative that all information given to the funeral home at the time of death is accurate.
• It often takes at least 5 full business days to secure certified death certificates in local counties. In some counties and states, it can take up to 2 months.
• Death certificates are filed in the county of death and are then recorded at the state level at month end by the county clerks office.
• Original death certificates take a variety of forms. They may have raised seals, special paper, watermarks, or may appear on plain paper with a digital code required for verification.
• A certified death certificate is a legal and binding document. Errors can disrupt legal proceedings and delay insurance claims.
• Once the death certificate has been recorded at the state level, it takes approximately 2 months to make corrections. Fees begin at $75 for
The following may require a certified death certificate, especially if the deceased’s name is to be removed from a document. When applicable, ask if the certificate being used for point of business verification can be copied following its use. Some businesses may return it to you if that is their policy.
• Bank and financial institutions
• Insurance agencies – Life, Home, Auto • Register of Deeds
• Mortgage Company
• Social Security
• Accountant/ Financial Advisor
• Attorney
• Credit Card Company
You may obtain additional death certificates (along with birth certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees) from the county clerk where the event took place. Certificates may also be ordered online – extra fees may apply
Feel free to contact us for certified death certificates as we will gladly obtain them for you.
For these requests, we require prepayment and please allow 5 business days for your request.
Kent County Clerk
300 Monroe Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Ottawa County Clerk 3100 Port Sheldon Road Hudsonville, MI 49426 **Offices also in West Olive, Holland and Grand Haven

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