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 What to Do First – A Checklist
 Notify funeral home and make arrangements
 Notify family members and friends
 Notify employers (the employer of the deceased and those who need time off)
 If the deceased had any pets, arrange for their immediate care
Secure the vital statistics of deceased:
 Full legal name – other names must be identified by “also known as” (AKA)
 Home address and telephone number
 Name of business or employer’s name,
address, and telephone number
 Industry and occupation
 Military Service Serial Number
 Date and place of birth
 Citizenship
 Father’s name and birthplace
 Mother’s name, maiden name, and birthplace
Locate key documents and use an accordion file for easy transport
 Will – determine your loved one’s wishes
 Social Security Card, Driver’s License and/or
other ID card
 Marriage and Birth Certificates
 Insurance Policies (health, home, auto, etc.)
 Automobile title and registration papers
 Stock certificates
 Honorable discharge papers for a veteran and/or VA claim number
 Recent income tax forms and W-2 forms  Mortgage Loan information
 Monthly bills, checkbook, and credit cards  Safety deposit agreements and keys
Meet with the Funeral Home within a few hours to decide:
 Whether your loved one is to be buried, cremated, or entombed
 Ceremony or Gathering preferences – would you like a visitation, formal service, informal gathering, a reception?
 Whether a member of the clergy or celebrant will be involved
 Cemetery selection
 Casket or urn selection
 Clothing they will be buried or cremated in
 Pallbearers, music, pictures, flowers, scriptures, poems, or other readings
 If you would like a charity to receive donations in lieu of flowers
After the funeral:
 Send acknowledgement cards for flowers, memorial donations, and food.
 Obtain original death certificates from the funeral home and copies as needed for life insurance, bank accounts, oil royalties, trust accounts, house mortgage or title, car title, etc.
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