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  Contact their attorney, financial planner, and CPA for assistance in locating important documents, administering the estate and making distributions to beneficiaries
 Develop a list of assets of the decedent
 Make an inventory of household goods and personal belongings in order that they may be accounted for and properly distributed
 Secure valuables
 Make a list of monthly bills, transfer them to survivor’s name and determine if there are any unpaid bills
 Contact banks and close their individual account; ask if you need to close joint account and open an individual account
 Check auto-draft bill payments and make certain they are switched to the survivor’s account
 Change name on or cancel subscriptions and online accounts
 Attend to email and social media accounts
 Cancel upcoming appointments, events and
trips scheduled for loved one
 If they lived alone, make sure mail is collected and put in a change of address at the local post office and cancel unnecessary home services, such as newspaper delivery and cable
 Cancel prescriptions
 Call every credit card company and bank to verify if there is also an insurance policy associated with the account
 If the loved one was in a position of management, determine if the business will continue and who will run in the interim
Contact the Social Security Administration:
 There is a one-time death benefit to surviving spouses of $255.00
 The Social Security office in Oklahoma City is: 12301 N. Kelley Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73131
 Social Security Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed
Contact Motor Vehicle Administration:
 Cancel License and voter registration to avoid identity theft
 Switch car registration and title to survivor’s name
 Gather all policies (health, home, auto, etc.)  Change beneficiaries if needed
Within Nine Months:
 File tax return for the deceased
 Ensure your own estate planning is taken care of
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