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 Civil Litigation
Our attorneys are very familiar with the ins and outs of the Civil Court Process in North Carolina. We offer our services for all areas of civil litigation, including but not limited to:
• Collections
• Landlord-Tenant Disputes
• Contracts
• Property Disputes
• Commission Disputes
• Disputes over Money Owed • Damage to Property
With years of experience in negotiation and mediation, we take pride in our ability to analyze each case individually and determine the proper method of resolving the
case. We have settled and negotiated numerous cases out of court or in mediation/arbitration.
Client satisfaction is our top priority
We strive to keep up our client’s expectations by focusing on transparency, professionalism, and efficiency. Here at Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC 100% client satisfaction is our sole aim.
You can rely on us for getting full and fair compensation for your losses, be it medical expenses, income loss or physical suffering.
On the basis of our knowledge and experience, we can help you go through the entire process of a lawsuit smoothly.
You can contact us if:
• The opponent is at fault in an accident
• You have been injured because of negligence driving.
• You’ve lost your family member due to a careless action of others.

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