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 Support and Grief Resources
Understanding Loss and Grief – Common Questions and Feelings:
• It is normal to feel like the pain is never going to end; it does not “end”... but with time, it will get easier to cope.
• There is no time limitation for “getting over” the death of a loved one or close friend – You will grieve in your own unique and personal way. We never “get over” our losses.
• No one or any thing can ever replace the loss
• You may feel guilty for laughing, having a good time, or enjoying life – it is normal to feel this way. Wouldn’t your loved one want you to be happy in life?
• People mean well when they say they “understand”
• There is absolutely no time table for packing or disposing of your loved one’s belongings. Do what is right for you.
• Reaching out for help is a sign of strength in that you seek to understand your loss. It is not a sign of weakness.
• The tide of grief comes in waves – go with the flow because fighting the feelings can lead to physical problems, emotional withdrawal and frustration, just to mention a few.
Strategies for Coping with Loss and Grief
• Do everything at your own pace, but pace yourself so you do not go on overload.
• Do what works best for YOU. This is not a time to try to please everyone else.
• Sleep if you feel the need to sleep.
• It can be comforting to sleep, hold or cuddle with your loved one’s favorite shirt, robe, stuffed animal etc.
• The holidays and other “firsts” can be very difficult. First anniversary, birthday, time alone at church, time with friends.... Take a temporary break from old traditions or begin new traditions to honor your loved one:
o Add an angel ornament to the tree each year
o Light a candle
o Go to midnight Mass or Christmas eve service as a family
o Keep your loved one’s chair empty at the holiday table
o Serve Thanksgiving dinner as a family at a local mission

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