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 Ferrari Corso Pilota
Ferrari Corso Pilota, exclusively available to clients, provides the opportunity to attend a progression of courses that develop driving skills, confidence and ability. Through a sequence of four courses, participants will use increasingly technical and complex activities using the skills developed in earlier courses to develop their abilities, all delivered at the perfect pace. Participants begin at the Sport level, before progressing to Advanced, Evolution and finally the Challenge course where they will have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to compete safely in Ferrari Challenge Championship races.
Throughout the course, clients will receive lessons and insight from an experienced, professional group of instructors. All instructors have years of Ferrari driving experience and are perfectly equipped to develop drivers at any level.
Corso Pilota is a comprehensive sequence of courses capable of taking the most novice driver through all of the necessary training to enter the Ferrari Challenge series. Not all drivers, however, want to take that ultimate leap into racing. For those who wish to simply refine their driving skills, Corso Pilota will help a driver of any level make full use of the amazing performance of their Ferrari.

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