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  We recognized many years ago that while some families find great comfort in the traditions of the past, others were looking for a different kind of memorial experience – interactive, engaging, and highly personalized. We continue to see the value of the Life Story Experience as a healing tool in this early step on the path of the grief journey.
The Life Story ExperienceTM is a meaningful
event that honors the legacy of your loved one. The experience engages family and visitors, connecting the various generations. It encourages conversations and evokes emotions that begin the healing process. Friends and family are engaged through the sharing of the Life Story in print, online and in film. Sharing the story gives a basis for connection and conversation that revolves around a life lived...a conversation that is rich in history and tied to this meaningful experience.
The Foundation
Our trained Life Story Funeral DirectorsTM guide you through the process, leading you through
a reflective discussion, and encouraging you to remember the entirety of the life lived. From this conversation, we will help you create a relevant and meaningful event.
The Life Story
Following the conversation with your Life Story Funeral DirectorTM, our team of professional writers will transform the director’s notes into
a story, full of the memories you have shared. Touching on various life stages, the story will allow friends from recent and the past, near and far, to learn about and remember your loved one.
The Life PanelTM, Life Story Digital FilmTM, online Memory Page, Life Story Folder, personalized thank you cards and hardcover book are all used to engage family and friends throughout the memorial events.
Is this Life Story Experience something we must do?
We do not force this process on the families we serve. However, having seen the benefit to a
vast majority of the families we serve, we have integrated the story sharing with family members into our arrangement conference. There is no additional cost for this part. There is also no requirement to have a story written or to share the story in any multimedia. Your funeral director will gladly assist you in determining what is best for your family.
Life Story Experience

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