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 Firm Overview
Serving Individuals and Businesses in the Triangle
Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC was founded by Rob Maitland. Our law firm’s attorneys are University of North Carolina graduates, committed Tar Heels fans, and local community boosters. We are volunteers on committees and local boards for a number of community and non-profit organizations and believe in giving back with our time and energy. We take pride in offering:
• Weekly radio tips by Rob Maitland
• Environmentally friendly client documents that are all digitally archived and
available at a moment’s notice
• Personal service, individual attention, clear explanations, promptly returned phone calls
• At Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC we accept major credit cards and pre- paid legal insurance.
Professional Profiles
Your local Divorce Lawyer
Family law includes divorce, but there are many times that a family will need an attorney in addition to a North Carolina family law attorney. At our law firm we handle many of the legal needs that a family will have including:
• Divorce, child custody, child support matters
• Real estate closings
• Criminal defense including traffic violations and DWI
• Personal injury litigation for the plaintiff (injured party)
• Estate planning and probate administration
We have helped thousands of individuals and receive referrals from many of our satisfied clients. We would like the opportunity to help you with your legal issue.
There is no single path to take in life, and in law. At Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC our decisions are founded in law, but our clients’ lives dramatically influence which strategy is most useful in each case. Whether a case involves contentious family law disputes or questions about how to set up a business, we value our clients’ input as well as our own experiences outside law because it helps us make more informed and effective decisions.
We bring a diversity of experience to the table in legal transactions and dispute resolution. We work with people from all backgrounds whose experiences influence their personal relationships, their professional standing and their financial stability. We understand our clients’ needs because we have been in their shoes as business owners, investors, husbands and wives, and buyers and sellers.
Above all else, we aim to provide service and seasoned experience to each of our clients regardless of their legal needs. We enjoy the close ties we have to Chapel Hill and surrounding communities, seeing our clients on a daily basis as we shop from them, see them at community events and otherwise get to know them. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, or you just need to know your case is being handled with attention to detail and the ability to do a job right, we can help.

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