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 Celebration of Life
This service is one of celebration as well as remembrance. Particularly useful in creating this personalized and meaningful service is the Life Story ExperienceTM, as we incorporate special music, readings, video tributes and sharing of memories. We provide guidance in displaying photographs and belongings that reflect the unique personality, interests and achievements of a person’s life. If you would like to have refreshments, catering packages are available. Services can be held at any appropriate venue, whether our all-faith chapel, gathering rooms, your place of worship or any location of special meaning to your family.
Memorial Gathering
While the primary element of this is a time for visitation, we often incorporate an informal service and time of sharing during the gathering. Food and beverage service is often offered to guests. Whether simple snacks, hors d’oeuvres, or a full meal, guests enjoy the casual style of this event. Our chapel or gathering room is a blank slate as we work with your family to create just the right atmosphere to honor the life.
Graveside Service
This service takes place at the cemetery. If a visitation is desired, it can be held the night before or the day of the service. The graveside service can also be personalized.
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