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At the visitation:
Ways to personalize
Limited only by your own imagination.
 • Bring their favorite hot rod, boat, truck, or motorcycle to have in the parking lot for visitors to see or have in procession to the cemetery
• Hunting, fishing gear
• Trophies (wildlife, athletic or recognition)
• Favorite Book or their own writings or scrapbooks
• Photo albums
• Collectibles such as spoons, china, glassware, stuffed animals
• Crafts, paintings, wood working projects, quilts, blankets, knitting, embroidery or crocheting
• Shirts they have collected
• Flags/memorabilia of favorite places or sports teams
• Have bowls of their favorite candy or snacks in the room
• Bring a grill and serve picnic foods – hamburgs and hotdogs
• Have name tags so visitors can identify family members
• Music playing in background
• Videos playing in background
• Invite visitors to dress in a certain theme (athletic team, Hawaiian, bright colors)

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