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Volunteering at Chatham-Kent Hospice
We are so grateful for the support of our many volunteers!
Hospice volunteers are an important part of our team and give a priceless gift to those who are affected by end-of-life challenges. They are ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference!
Our volunteers fill a wide variety of roles that include: • Direct Service
• Kitchen
• Reception
• Administration • Special Events • Gardening
 How do I become a volunteer?
1. Fill out an application - The first step to becoming a Chatham-Kent HospiceVolunteer is filling out an application on our website:
2. Meet with the Volunteer Coordinator - Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to set up an interview to determine if volunteering at Chatham-Kent Hospice is the right fit.We ask that those who have had a close personal loss and are still in mourning to wait at least 12 months to volunteer. It can be difficult to be of service to others when one is still healing from their own loss. A discussion regarding loss is conducted during the interview to determine if someone is ready to volunteer.
3. Complete Screening - If a mutually agreed upon
position is found, two personal reference checks will be completed, followed by a Police Information Check and a Health Screening check.
4. Training & Orientation -Volunteers will be enrolled in a 34 hour comprehensive training and orientation program to ensure they have the knowledge they need to provide outstanding care to our residents and families.
5. Start making a difference!
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