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  Frequently Asked Questions
What is hospice?
Hospice is a system of care that provides support and relief to those diagnosed with a terminal illness. The focus of hospice is on the individual and the involved family, rather than the disease.
What is palliative care?
Palliative care is a type of care that focuses on pain relief and symptom management without curing the illness. Hospice care is recommended for patients when it becomes clear that comfort rather than cure is the realistic focus. When this occurs, there
is usually less need for aggressive medical interventions. Such care is considered palliative.
Who can make a hospice referral?
Anyone can make a referral including neighbors, nursing facility staff, physicians, or even a church organization. However, a physician’s order is required for admission. The patient must have a limited life expectancy as determined by two physicians (the attending physician and the Hospice Medical Director). To refer a patient, please contact our office or email us.
How much does hospice cost?
Hospice services are covered 100% by: → Medicare
→ Medicaid
→ VA benefits
→ Most private insurances
Guardian Hospice Care views each situation as unique and will review each case individually.

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