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Meet your Guardian Hospice Care Team
Hospice care is provided under the direction of our Medical Director and your attending physician. Your care is planned and rendered by a team of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas. Their combined perspective is very broad and takes into account many aspects of the patient and family’s care requirements. Because our team of multidisciplinary professionals is devoted to each person and family, we are able to provide high quality, comprehensive care. We strive every day to provide care that focuses on restoring dignity and a sense of personal fulfillment to the dying person. Once the team at Guardian is involved, we are with you every step of the way.
The Hospice Nurse
Although there are several nurses who may be part of your care team, one will be “your” hospice nurse – the one you see most of the time. Your nurse will visit you regularly and will have responsibility for the “follow through” on the medical orders given by your physician. She will also confer with others on the team to coordinate your care and manage your pain and symptoms. In addition, your nurse will provide education and emotional support to help ease the fear of the unknown.
The Hospice Aide
Our hospice aides are all certified and receive ongoing education to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care. The role of the hospice aide is to assist with personal hygiene and activities of daily living. They may also provide light household services to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for the patient.
The Hospice Chaplain
As part of the hospice healthcare team, hospice chaplains make spiritual care a priority. Our chaplains offer an open, sensitive and non-judgmental presence and are accepting of different beliefs, cultures and values. The chaplain will talk to you about your spiritual needs, and if you want, assist you in finding support that is most helpful for your family’s situation. Our hope is to share in this sacred time in a way which provides spiritual healing, purpose and meaning.
Nurse Practitioner
Our nurse practitioner is available to make house calls and helps manage any pain or symptoms of discomfort by coordinating with our hospice medical director and your personal doctor.

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