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 Hospice Physician
Our hospice medical director, along with your personal doctor if you have one, ensures that your care plan meets your needs. Our physicians are also available to make house calls, should you need one. If you do not have a personal physician, you may choose to have a Guardian Hospice physician manage your care.
The Hospice Social Worker
The social worker is a Master’s-prepared professional who will assist the patient and family with the many issues which arise at the end of life. These include financial concerns, advance directives and funeral arrangements. The social worker also has counseling skills to help you resolve difficulties within your family and can get you in touch with outside resources as you need them.
Bereavement Coordinator
The Guardian Hospice care bereavement coordinator provides bereavement services to family members for 13 months following the death of the patient.
Hospice Volunteers
Hospice Volunteers are specially trained individuals who bring a listening ear, a caring heart, and an extra pair of hands to support you and those caring for you. They provide practical help as well as warmth, friendship, and understanding. Some ways they can help are:
→ Provide companionship and emotional support.
→ Read or share music or other activities you enjoy.
→ Provide a chance for those caring for you to go out or rest for short periods of time.
→ Help prepare a light meal.
Our representative will ask you if you would like a Volunteer to visit you. If you first decide you don’t want one, but later change your mind, you may request one from our team at any time. You may also call our office to arrange it. The Volunteer will call you to confirm a start time and date. Services may be requested as needed, but are subject to availability. Please give Guardian Hospice at least a 48 hour notice.
If you need to cancel your Volunteer visit, please call us as soon as possible and we will contact the Volunteer for you.
Not sure what a Volunteer can do for you? The possibilities are endless. We understand that each patient is a unique individual and our Volunteers want to make a difference for you!
 Additional therapies include grief counseling, caregiver support and pet therapy.

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