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 → When people first start taking pain medication regularly, they may become sleepy or feel their thinking is foggy. If the change in level of consciousness or confusion is related to the medication and not the disease process, the mind will clear in two to three days. Waiting for the fog to clear is difficult but worthwhile.
→ Some people worry about becoming addicted to medications. This is not a problem, but if it concerns you, please discuss this with the Hospice Nurse.
Other ways to Relieve Pain
There are other ways to help lessen pain and these may be used along with pain medication. Some methods include applying heat or cold near the painful area, massage, meditation, relaxation exercises, or guided imagery. Your Nurse or Spiritual Care Provider can give you more information about these methods.
Call Guardian Hospice if:
→ Pain is not controlled by any of the above measures.
→ You have questions about medication.
→ You need reassurance.

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