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 Controlling Pain
Your comfort is our highest priority and that includes making sure you are as free of pain as possible. Not all people on hospice care will have pain, but you can be assured that our goal is to quickly and effectively address any pain you do have.
Communicating About Pain
Getting help for pain will be easier if you can describe it as clearly as possible. One way to do this is by using a “0 to 10” scale. With this scale, 0 = no pain and 10 = worst possible pain. This rating helps the Nurse and Physician know how best to treat your pain.
Other facts to tell the Nurse about your pain include:
→ Where is the pain?
→ When did it start? Was it triggered by anything?
→ What does it feel like? Burning? Sharp and stabbing? Dull and aching?
→ Does anything make the pain better? Worse?
→ Does it affect your appetite or your sleep?
→ What is an acceptable level for you?
Many people downplay the pain they feel. They may not want to complain or appear weak. They may think that they just have to live with the pain or they may have fears about taking pain medication. Try to speak openly about your pain and any worries you may have about medication. This will allow your Guardian Hospice Care team
to address your particular needs and concerns. Remember, we want you to be as 19 comfortable as possible, keeping your own goals and values in mind.

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