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Managing Other Discomforts
Anorexia - Loss of Appetite Encourage:
Small, frequent, highly nutritious meals
Create a pleasant, relaxed dining atmosphere with an attractive table setting, quiet music and good company
Light exercise, such as walking, before a meal
Use high-protein, high calorie supplements
Rely on old favorite foods and experiment
Keep snacks available
Large servings Forcing patient to eat
Dysgeusia - Loss or Change of Taste Encourage:
Use meat substitutes such as eggs, cheese, dried beans, and peanut butter Use extra seasonings and spices
Acid foods (if tolerated) stimulate taste buds
Appeal to the sense of smell and sight when preparing foods
Try protein foods cold or at room temperature
Marinate meats in fruit juice or sweet wines
Experiment with texture, temperature, seasoning variations Try new foods
Sugar tones down salty and acid foods
Salt tones down sugar and acid foods
Drink liquids or suck candies to eliminate bad taste
Sore Mouth or Throat Encourage:
Use plenty of liquids, sauces, gravies, butter Choose soft or blenderized foods
Small, frequent, highly nutritious meals Bland foods
Serve foods at room temperature
Supplementary feedings such as eggnog or milkshake Use a straw when mucositis is present
Rough, coarse, dry or fried foods Acid and spicy foods
Alcohol, carbonated beverages Extremely hot or cold foods

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