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Preventing Pressure Ulcers
→ To relieve
→ To help circulation
→ To keep skin dry
Plan of care to include:
→ Increase activity as tolerated.
→ Increase nutritional intake as tolerated. Use supplements or high protein drinks
and puddings.
→ Relieve pressure on bony areas - if patient wants to and is able to, get them out of bed or turn side to side in bed. Ask your nurse to teach you how to transfer and reposition the patient safely.
→ Bowel and bladder control:
1) Change linens when wet, clean patient’s skin well and apply moisture barrier. 2) Use of absorbent pads and adult diapers as appropriate.
3) Foley catheter insertion - may prevent wetness (if order by physician).
Protect skin by:
→ Using draw sheet for turning (ask nurse to show you how to do this).
→ Keep head of bed slightly elevated for optimal positioning.
→ Massage around bony areas.
Place protective padding between any appliance or piece of equipment and the patient’s skin. Avoid use of rubber rings or doughnuts unless you have found them helpful. Sheepskin, egg crate or air mattress may help too.
If possible, changing of position every 2 hours can be helpful.
The care given to a person’s skin needs special attention! Call if you have questions, concerns and/or problems.

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