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 Suggested Flavoring for Nutritional Supplements
Amounts giving flavor to an 8 ounce cup of the beverage.
Chocolate - Add one heaped teaspoon or more to taste. Brand names: Hershey’s Instant, Nestle’s Quik, Fountain Chocolate Syrup
Malt Flavoring - This can be purchased at any grocery store in granular or powder form, look in the flavoring section of the store. Add one heaped teaspoon to an 8 ounce cup. Stir well and serve.
Fruit Juice Flavoring - Juices are a good addition, however they add to volume of product consumed
4 ounces juice plus 8 ounces ENSURE/ENSURE PLUS = 12 ounces of liquid.
Extra calories and vitamins: peach, apricot, nectars, etc ...
Extracts - Look for in spice section of grocery store: vanilla, almond, lemon, orange. Few drops to taste (types and brands vary in strength)
Coffee - For the coffee lover, mix one level teaspoon of instant coffee with small amount ENSURE/ENSURE PLUS; add to rest of 8 ounce can. Very strong brewed coffee may be substituted for the instant coffee.
Mocha - Add instant coffee and chocolate flavorings. Cinnamon or nutmeg may be used for topping, sprinkle lightly.
Butterscotch - Add butterscotch syrup or butterscotch powdered pudding mix. Use one teaspoon syrup or one tablespoon powder, stir well, serve. Try a little brown sugar for more flavor.
Dry Gelatin - This offers a wide variety of fruit flavors. Add one level tablespoon, stir well. If allowed to set in refrigerator, it may thicken.
Fruit Puree - For those people with a blender who don’t mind the clean-up, add 8 ounces ENSURE/ENSURE PLUS to 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup canned or fresh fruit (peaches, pears, banana, etc.). Place in blender, whirl and serve.
Peanut Butter - For those with no fat restriction, add one teaspoon to an 8 ounce glass of ENSURE/ENSURE PLUS, whirl in blender, serve.
Powdered Egg Custard Mix - For those who like the eggnog flavor, without danger of contamination from raw eggs, this mix is available in the pudding section of the grocery store. Add one tablespoon powder to 8 ounces ENSURE/ENSURE PLUS, whirl to blend. Vanilla flavoring may be added for extra flavor, sprinkle with nutmeg, if allowed on diet. Prepare only as used, as drink may thicken if refrigerated.

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