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 Calling After Hours
After 4.30 pm and on weekends, calls are received by our answering service. They will take your name and number, then have the Nurse call you back. We are committed to responding promptly to your needs. In case of a phone outage, natural disaster, or the Nurse has not called you back within 15 minutes, please call the direct line to our answering service 318-445-6234
Call Guardian Hospice Care if...
We want to hear from you if you feel the need for help, advice, or support for any reason. Please call for the following reasons:
→ For any emergency
→ An unexpected change in the patient’s condition
→ Injury from a fall
→ For uncontrolled pain or symptom management
→ Questions about medications
→ Problems with a medication pump or catheter
→ Feeling the patient needs to go to the hospital
→ Believing the patient’s heart or breathing has stopped
→ For any immediate concerns regarding the patient

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