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 Medical Equipment Troubleshooting Guide
Not raising:
Check brown bar hasn’t fallen out.
Head not raising:
Call Guardian Hospice Care (318-484-4418)
No function at all:
Check plug at wall.
Check power cord at bed end.
Try another socket.
Test socket with another appliance that you know works.
Air Mattress:
Not running:
Check plug and circuit.
Not inflating:
Check if all hoses are plugged in. Check for holes in hose, if hole is found, cut the hose at the hole and connect longest portion to pump. Check for broken plastic piece at connection point on pump.
Oxygen Concentrator:
No 02 at cannula:
Unplug clear hose at machine that goes to humidifier. If ball rises, replace humidifier or look for obstruction. Some pre-pack humidifier bottles have twist off tabs and do not always open up when twisted off.
(Hint: Look for bubbles - oxygen this far)
(Hint: Look to see if the bottle [pre- pack] is swelling due to inside pressure. Replace with new bottle or open cannula port with pencil, knife, or sharp object). If liter flow won’t go over 3 liters, take filter out of humidifier bottle.
Oxygen Concentrator (continued):
Not running:
Check plug and circuit for power. Move to another plug that you know works.
Change over to e-tank and call Guardian Hospice Care if it will not work.
Alarm sounding - check to see if liter flow is turned to zero.
Unplug, plug in, turn on, hit reset button.
No Suction:
Check lid for proper seal. Check valve for adjustment. Put finger over suction port on yankauer.
Check gasket for leaks.
O2 Tanks:
1 cubic ft = 28.317 liters
E Tank = 20cf- 566.34 liters
200 Tank = 251cf = 7,107.5 liters
E Tank @1 LPM @2 LPM @3 LPM @4 LPM @5 LPM
Last Approx. 9.5 Hours 4.7 Hours 3.1 Hours 2.3 Hours 1.8 Hours

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