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→ Location
Living room or bedroom, for privacy but not seclusion, everyone enjoys a change of scenery, looking out a window or at pictures.
→ Privacy
Not seclusion, draw curtain, room divider, can be part of family gatherings but can also have time alone.
→ Bathroom Facilities
Bedside commode - keep empty, clean, fresh smelling. Cover with cloth and decorate as table between uses.
Bedpans/urinals - warm, powdered, at hand, always clean, and ready for use. Fracture pan.
Rails in bathroom - support and transfer.
Elevate toilet seat.
Warm rug on floor, NON SLIP.
Privacy, attend outside door.
→ Vision
Favorite old things - pretty new things - outdoor view - flowers - birdbaths - color - favorite TV.
→ Hearing
Provide pleasant, soothing sounds - music, read books, wind chimes, bell or buzzer available to call someone. Eliminate irritating sounds - loud noises, doors slamming, vacuuming. Don’t talk about a person in front of him/her - talk with him/her.
→ Smell
Eliminate unpleasant odors - food, keep waste receptacle clean, dry, sprayed. Provide fresh pleasant smells - flowers, mild fragrances, sunshine-dried linens.
→ Taste
Mouth care - Q-tip swabs with peroxide, mouthwash. Stimulate taste buds - sips of wine before meals. Give favorite foods even is he/she can’t eat it all. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cold slush, iced malts with yogurt, vegetable juices. Use covered cup or straw. Make food attractive, flower on tray, small portions, and napkin. Peppermint candy or gum. Don’t force food-don’t feel rejected if the patient can’t eat.
→ Touch
Hug, kiss, hold hands, massage gently - let the patient know he/she is still lovable even if the body is fading. IMPORTANT: Not everyone likes to be touched. Be sensitive to the patient’s needs.

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