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 Anticipating Changes
Many people feel anxious about caring for a terminally ill person at home. You may have no experience with this kind of personal care. Or perhaps you have worked in a medical field but find that caring for a personal friend or family member in the home is a different kind of challenge. It is hoped that by learning what to expect, you will become more comfortable with your responsibilities.
As you read through these pages, it is important to understand that each person is unique. Not all of these changes will occur with every person, nor will they occur in the sequence represented in this handout. Theses changes may occur over an extended period or may occur suddenly.
Please understand that death by disease is a process. Changes take place over time. These changes are a normal way in which the body slows down and then stops. Remember that these changes are NOT medical emergencies. The goal is not to stop the changes but to help the patient to remain comfortable as the changes occur.
Our Hospice program was developed to assist and support patients and their caregivers through this experience. Please know that we are always eager to hear any questions you may have.

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