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             Home Use & Disposal of Controlled Substances
Effective August 1, 2018, the Louisiana Department of Health’s expectation is that all licensed hospice providers shall be in compliance with LA RS 40:2191 - Disposal of Deceased Patient’s Unused controlled Substances.
The policy of Guardian Hospice Care is to educate patients and their caregiver/ family members on safe use, administration, potential dangers, and proper disposal of controlled substances.
• Controlled substances will be delivered to the patient’s home by the hospice nurse or patient’s pharmacy. When medication is delivered, the nurse will outline the safe use of the medication and demonstrate proper dosage/administration to the patient/PCG. Procedure for the patient/PCG to document medication administration will be outlined by the nurse.
• Controlled drugs will be accounted for by the nurse during routine visits.
Pursuant to LSA R.S. 40:2191, which provides for the safe and effective disposal of unused ( Schedule II, III, IV, or V controlled substances (controlled substances) under 21 C.F.R. 1308, upon the death of a patient receiving hospice services, the parties to this Agreement acknowledge the inherent dangers presented by the potential diversion of unused controlled substances, and, as evidenced by their signature on the following pages, agree as follows:
In the event of the death of the patient, the ownership of patient’s unused controlled substances shall immediately transfer to GUARDIAN HOSPICE CARE
for immediate disposal and/or destruction. Pursuant to this Agreement, patient’s hospice nurse shall, in the presence of a witness, record in the patient’s medical record the name and quantity of each unused controlled substance, and shall perform the disposal at the site of care in the presence of the witness in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and Drug Enforcement Administration guidelines for safe disposal. The witness shall sign the Controlled Substance Disposal Record indicating their witnessing of the disposal of the controlled substances. Hospice employees shall not remove any controlled substances from the site of care. The hospice nurse shall record the method of disposal in the patient’s medical record.
• Medications of patients residing in nursing facilities will be counted and left at the facility to be disposed of per nursing home protocol.

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