Page 85 - Guardian Hospice Care
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 Patient/Family Rights & Responsibilities
The Patient/ Family Unit Has the Right to:
1. Choose your Hospice service provider.
2. Be fully informed in writing (in advance of initiation of services) all items and services furnished by the Hospice service provider (either directly or under arrangement); coverage by the payment source, a statement of charges for items and services not covered by the payment source, and any changes in charges for items and/or services within 15 days after the agency is aware of the change.
3. Receive adequate emotional, spiritual and physical care.
4. Reasonable response to requests for services 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week.
5. Be fully informed about Advanced Directives.
6. Information about agency rules, regulations, policies and procedures, upon request.
7. Know the name of the Hospice staff members providing care and be assured that they are qualified, caring, sensitive and knowledgeable people who will attempt to understand the patient’s needs and not judge the patient for their decisions.
8. Continue to have their own physician(s) as long as such physician(s) agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the hospice program.
9. Be fully informed of their medical condition including diagnosis, prognosis, treatment/ care plan and treatment alternatives.
10. Participate in the planning of care, and be advised of alternative courses of care and treatment and associated consequences.
11. Attend Hospice Team Conferences to hear and participate in discussions about the services provided.
12. Expect reasonable continuity of care.
13. Become aware of medications and treatments utilized for effective pain management and to be informed of the side effect and/or reactions associated with such treatments.
14. Refuse a medication or treatment to the extent provided by the law and to be informed of the consequences of such refusal.
15. Privacy, to the extent feasible, in treatment and in caring for personal needs with consideration, respect and recognition of his/her dignity and individuality.

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