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                                               What is cremation?
Cremation is a process of reducing the body to bone fragments by applying intense heat for a period of two to three hours. The cremated remains are then removed from the cremation chamber and processed into finer fragments to be placed in a temporary container. They typically weigh between three and six pounds. An urn may be selected for the final disposition of the cremated remains.
Where will I be cremated?
Jones Family Funeral Homes has its own crematorium within our Amherst Facility. This ensures remains do not have to be taken long distances to be cremated and shipped back to the funeral home. It lowers cremation time, and ensures the remains stays under our care 24/7.
Our crematorium has a Cooling Room so remains waiting for cremation are stored safely and with dignity.
Our crematorium has a comfortable viewing room, allowing loved ones to be present for any amount of time during the cremation.
Does someone need to identify my body after death?
There is no law in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia requiring the final viewing of a body after death. This is an option, NOT a requirement.
Do we need to buy a casket?
It is required that the deceased must be placed into a rigid combustible container. This container does not need to be made of wood. Many options of caskets and containers are available to you.
Can we place personal mementos in the casket prior to cremation?
Many personal items may be placed in the casket; however, some items may need to be removed prior to the cremation process. All items left in the casket will be destroyed during the cremation. Your funeral director can advise you on which items may stay and which items must be removed from the casket.
Do we need to have a funeral if we select cremation?
Cremation does not limit the type of funeral service that may be chosen. The same options that apply to earth burial are available with cremation. Some of these choices include casket type, location of the service and visitation, music selection, open casket, and the display of personal mementos. Some families elect to have a complete service at the funeral home or place of worship. Others prefer to be present during the cremation.
If cremation:
• Would you like to use our chapel for a service prior to the cremation?
• Would you like to view the remains before cremation?
• Would you like to be present during the cremation?
• What type of urn would you prefer (metal, wood, marble, ceramic, etc.)?
• What type of final resting place would you prefer for your loved one (choice of burial, above ground niches, or scattering of cremated remains)?
• Would you like other members of the family to be with your loved one in the future? This determines the size of the resting place.
Decisions to be made regarding burial of an urn:
• What type of memorial do you prefer (bronze or granite marker set flush with the ground or an upright memorial)?
• Would you like to protect your loved one’s urn with a vault?

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