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                                                                    Honouring The Lives of Those Who Serve
  The Veterans Affairs Canada Funeral and Burial Program ensures that eligible Veterans receive dignified funeral and burial services. The Last Post Fund (LPF), a non-profit organization, delivers the program on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada. To be eligible for the program, Veterans must meet both military and financial criteria. For more information, please visit the Last Post Fund website.
When a Veteran’s death is related to military service due to a condition for which Veterans Affairs Canada provided a disability benefit, assistance may be granted as a matter-of-right (no means testing). This must be determined by a medical authority from Veterans Affairs Canada.
Means Tested
Under the program, the LPF may provide funeral and burial assistance to:
• a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces or any predecessor naval, army or air forces of Canada or Newfoundland; or
• a Canadian Merchant Navy Veteran of the Second World War or the Korean War; or
• an Allied Veteran who served with the Allied Forces during the Second World War or the Korean War and has also lived in Canada for at least 10 years, or lived in Canada prior to enlisting and was living in Canada at time of death.
If the estate of the deceased and the financial resources of any surviving spouse are not sufficient to pay the expenses of the funeral and burial then assistance may be provided to cover all or part of the cost.

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